Q; How can a glycoprotein be Endo H-resistant ?

Iain Wilson WILSON at edv1.boku.ac.at
Mon Dec 4 04:07:28 EST 1995

> Dear GlycoFriends,
> I've seen from the paper(Lodish et al, J.Biol.Chem., 1993, 268, 13639-49)
> that a glycoprotein happen to be Endo H-resistant type, even though it 
> has N-linked oligosaccharide.        Could this happen because of some 
> structural hinderance or something else..?

Only certain N-linked oligosaccharides are susceptible to EndoH and 
if the paper is by Lodish I guess it's to do with biosynthesis - so 
one can follow the conversion of oligosaccharides from EndoH 
sensitive to EndoH resistant as a means of following the transit of a 
glycoprotein from the ER to the Golgi due to oligomannose structures 
becoming complex (see a brief mention of this in S.R. Carlsson in 
Fukuda & Kobata, Glycobiology A Practical Approach, p. 19-20.)

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