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> Can anybody tell me where I can purchase DEAE_TRISACRYL columns for
> ion exchange chromatographic purification of proteins. I have looked at
> aldrich, sigma, pharmacia and biorad.
> I need this info ASAP
> thanx in advance
> s.chittur
> CHITTUR at wvnvm.wvnet.edu
>  fax: 304-293-5483
> School of Pharmacy
> West Virginia University

Trisacryl line of products was bought by BioSepra 140 Locke Drive
Marlborough, MA 01752 (800)752-5277. This is an old LKB product line that
has been sold by a few different companies.

- Jim Gierse, Monsanto JKGIER at ccmail.monsanto.com

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