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  1. o-linked deglycosylation of HLA-DR   Iain Wilson
  2. Glycosci FAQ?   Christer Ericsson
  3. FAQ   Illimar Altosaar
  4. Glycosci FAQ?   Iain Wilson
  5. Glycosci FAQ?   Iain Wilson
  6. Electronic Glycoscience Conference (EGC-1) - Announcemen   Iain Wilson
  7. ?   Dr. Mark Field
  8. Deglycosylation of fetuin   Stefan.Rosen at mbioekol.lu.se
  9. Sialyl Lewis!?   Steven Pirie-Shepherd
  10. Sialyl Lewis!?   David Ashford
  11. GLYKO phone number (requested)   Steven Pirie-Shepherd
  12. unsubscribe glycosci (Don't 'unsub' to the group!)   Iain Wilson
  13. (none)   Illi
  14. Preparative separation of a crude O-glycan mixture   Andreas Kage
  15. Enzyme Kinetics-Hehre Mechanism   Roger Graham
  16. A Polysaccharide Database-Is it needed?   William T. Winter
  17. Sialyl Lewis!?   RONALD L SCHNAAR
  18. Help on hyaluronic acid biosynthetic pathway   Scott E. Nichols
  19. starch solutions   Gert-Jan Euverink
  20. starch solutions   Dr. R. A. Savidge
  21. Sources of A23187 and thapsigargin   Bryce Chackerian
  22. WANTED-Glycobiology Poatdoc   Robert B. Trimble
  23. Glycoconjugate Course   michael.batley at mq.edu.au
  24. Free copy via FTP of my "The New Biostatistics of Resampling" (P04135b)   Resampling Stats
  25. Sources of A23187 and thapsigarin   Bradley Turner
  26. commercial source for affinity resin   Hill
  27. monosaccharide analysis   Patricia_W._Cash_at_~PRISYR05 at ccmail.bms.com
  28. Subscribing to GLYCOSSCI   Kearse, Kelly
  29. (none)   Kearse, Kelly
  30. Harvard postdoc. seeks job (enzyme, receptor, glycoprotein)   zhini zhang
  31. Monosaccharide Analysis   Robert B. Trimble
  32. Fraction of cell membrane transmembrane proteins N-glycosylated?   Christer Ericsson
  33. ConA binding all N-glycosylated animal proteins?   Christer Ericsson
  34. (none)   chiesacn at CCMAIL.APLDBIO.COM
  35. Commercial Source for Chromatography Medium   Dr. John M. Beale
  36. Commercial Source for Chromatography Medium   khansh at CCMAIL.APLDBIO.COM
  37. ConA binding all N-glycosylated animal proteins?   Iain Wilson
  38. CORRECTION: Monosacc. Anal.   Robert B. Trimble
  39. address list   warren at MSHRI.ON.CA
  40. address list   Iain Wilson
  41. address list   Laura Morris

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