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Laura Morris chelcmx at WOLF.GSU.EDU
Sun Apr 30 13:41:35 EST 1995

>Is there an email address list to which glyco-folks could submit their
>addresses/interests etc so that it is easier for those who do not have
>everyone on their Rolodexes to find them?  It could be done through a
>Mosaic home-page type link I believe.  Unfortunately I don't know how.
>Maybe it has already been done, if not, shall we? 
>Regards, Charles


I have been (slowly) working on just such a thing. I've planned to have
a web site with clickable maps and lists of glyco-folks. I haven't mentioned
it before now because I wanted to get it up first. But perhaps the time
is ripe to put it up without all the maps I had planned initially, and 
just add those as we go along. 

So if it's okay with everyone, I'd like to officially volunteer for such
an enterprise. Right now I don't have a form (or even a glycopage) set up,
so if you want to be added to the "Rolodex" you'll need to email the info
to me (I prefer chelcmx at wolf.gsu.edu). I can have a preliminary page set
up by May 8th. 

Questions?? Comments?? Criticisms??


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