Harvard postdoc. seeks job (enzyme, receptor, glycoprotein)

zhini zhang zhang at ix.netcom.com
Sat Apr 22 20:18:41 EST 1995

Biochemist with five years of postdoctoral experience and publication 
record looking for a job in San Francisco Bay area. 
	Strong background in enzyme (glycosidases and 
glycosyltransferases) and membrane receptor (hepatic lectin, a 
galactosyl-specific glycoprotein receptor) determination, purification 
and characterization. 
	Solid background in Glycoprotein biosynthesis, processing and 
secretion studies. 
	RIch experience in broad range of biological, biochemical and 
immunological techniques, especially in cell and tissue culture 
(including normal cells, tumor cells and tissue slices), cell in vivo 
radiolabeling, subcellular compartment preparation (including ER, Golgi, 
etal), enzymeassays (including radioenzymeassay and spectrophotometric 
assay), receptorassays (including radioligand assay and ELISA assay), 
immunoassays (including ELISA-enzyme linked immunoabsorbed assay, 
radioimmunoassays, competitive bionding), immunoprecipitation, 
immunoblot (western blot), liposome preparation, carbohydrate structure 
analysis (including TLC, HPLC, chemical and enzymatical methods), 
electrophoresis and chromatography (including affinity, gel filtration, 
ion exchange, thin layer, high pressure liguid, paper). 

Following is my resume. Please feel free to contact me for further 
information at 

	Tel:(408)-296-1327, 	Email: zhang at ix.netcom.com		
				Shuai Weng, Ph.D			

OBJECTIVE		Research Associate position in San Francisco Bay 

Research Associate				11/90-04/95
Dept. of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
Harvard Medical School and Joslin Diabetes Center, Boston, MA 02215	
	Conducted studies in glycoprotein and free soluble 
oligosaccharide biosynthesis, processing and subcellular translocation; 
glycoprotein processing enzymes (glycosidases) dermination, 
purification, characterization, and in vivo function; preparation and 
structural analysis of N-linked and free oligosaccharides, et al.
Postdoctoral Research Associate			05/89-10/90
Dept. of Biochemistry and Chemistry
University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame , IN 46556
	Conducted studies in the purification and characterization of 
membrane bound glycosyltransferases involved in glycolipid biosynthesis 
by affinity chromatography	

Research Assistant/Ph.D. student		09/83-10/88
Dept. of Biochemistry, Shanghai Medical University, Shanghai, China
	Conducted studies in determination, purification and 
characterization of hepatic lectin (membrane receptor of glycoprotein) 
and dynamic study during carcinogenesis.

Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Shanghai Medical University, Shanghai,PRC 1988  
B.S. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Shanghai Medical University	 1983 


Weng,S., and Spiro, R.G.:Demonstration that a kifunensine-resistant 
mannosidase with a unique processing action on N-linked oligosaccharides 
occurs in rat liver endoplasmic reticulum and various cultured cells. J. 
Biol. Chem. 268: 25656-25663 (1993)	

Weng,S., and Spiro, R.G.: Endoplasmic reticulum kifunensine-resistant 
mannosidase (ER mannosidase II ) is enzymatically and immunologically 
related to the cytosolic mannosidase. J. Biol. Chem. (in press) 

Weng,S., and Spiro, R.G.: Another three papers about glycoproteins and 
their processing enzymes are under preparation 

Basu,M., Weng,S., Das, K.K., and Zhang, B.: Regulation of galactosyl- 
and fucosyltransferase of tumor cell origin. (Abstr.) Glycoconjugate J. 
6: 372 (1989)

Chen, R., Weng, S., Zhang, D., Zhang, X., and Gu, T.: Targeting of 
galactosyl-containing liposomes to liver. Acta Biochim. Biophys. Sinica 
20: 312-316(1988)

Weng,S., Chen, Q., and Gu, T.: Studies on the decrease in activity of 
hepatic lectin in liver cancer. Acta Biochim. Biophys. Sinica 19, 
152-156 (1987)

Weng, S., Chen, Q., and Gu, T.: Loss of hepatic lectin in hepatoma. 
Tumor 7: 10-13 (1987)

Weng,S., Chen, Q., and Gu, T.: Studies of dynamic changes of hepatic 
lectin activity during carcinogenesis. Chinese Biochem. J. 3: 93-95 


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