Sources of A23187 and thapsigarin

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>>treefrog at u.washington.edu (Bryce Chackerian) wrote:
>> A recent report indicated that the drugs A23187 and thapsigargin inhibit 
>> O-linked glycosylation.  Does anyone out there know who makes these drugs 
>> and if you can purchase them.  Apparently a company called L.C. Labs in 
>> Woburn, Mass manufactures thapsigargin; has anyone heard of them and/or 
>> send me their phone number?
>> Thanks in advance
>> Bryce Chackerian 
>> Dept. of Microbiology
>> U of Washington
>A quick look at the 1995 Sigma catalogue shows that thapsigargin
>(potent cell permeable IP3-independent intracellular calcium
>releaser and inhibitor of microsomal Ca-ATPase) is listed. Price
>127.10 Deutschmarks for 500 micrograms. Also, under calcium 
>ionophore A23187 is listed a number of forms of either free acid
>or salts - starting from around 32 DM per mg. (For some reason
>even though Sigma have a 'Austrian' catalogue, the prices are in DM!)
>As for L.C. Labs, never heard of them!
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Hi all,

from the Massachussets phonebook: 

LC Laboratories
1651 (or 165T) New Boston
Woburn, MA 01801

In addition to the above and Sigma, A23187 and Thapsigarin are also
available from:

5166 Campus Drive
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462 USA
Phone: 800-942-0430 or 610-941-0430
FAX: 610-941-9252

 By the way, I would be interested in the reference that describes
the o-glycosylation inhibiting activity of Thapsigarin.


Disclaimer: No commercial interest in the above companies other
than as a satisfied customer.

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