A Polysaccharide Database-Is it needed?

William T. Winter wtwinter at mailbox.syr.edu
Mon Apr 10 00:39:14 EST 1995

I have  seen several requests for polysaccharide coodinates (from diffraction 
studies) posted on various news groups such as the computational chem list and 
hyperchem's list.  Tony Sarko and I have been involved in these kinds of 
studies for several years and could assemble such a data base.  As with 
everything else it would cost money and we would have to demonstrate the need 
for such a database to any potential funding agency.  If you believe that such 
a data base would be useful send me a message to that effect by email, FAX or 
mail.  Also, if you have ideas on the contents and or format that you would 
like to see, let me here your ideas.

If there is sufficient interest we will proceed to establish the PSDB.

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