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> >I need to know the structure of the tetrasaccharide sialyl Lewis ^x. I 
>  NeuAc(alpha2-3)Gal(beta1-4)GlcNAc(alpha1-3)Fucose.
> I think.
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The structure of sialyl Lewis x is:


This is for the simplest glycosphingolipid carrying the antigen.  The 
outermost galactose and the fucose are both attached to the GlcNAc 
residue, at the 4 and 3 positions respectively.  Nomenclature is based on 
the IUPAC-IUB commision (published in JBC vol. 262, pp. 13-18, 1987).

A good general reference for structures carried on glycosphingolipids is 
"Glycosphingolipids:  Structure, Biological Source, and Properties" by 
Stults, et al. in Methods of Enzymology Vol. 179, pp.167-214.  Under the 
"comment" column of these extensive structural tables, trivial and blood 
group antigen nomenclatures are listed.

BOB:  Please be careful about putting incorrect structures on the net! 

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