Sialyl Lewis!?

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In article <3mb11c$amj at io.salford.ac.uk>, R.Lauder at lancaster.ac.uk (Bob Lauder) says:
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>>I need to know the structure of the tetrasaccharide sialyl Lewis ^x. I 
> NeuAc(alpha2-3)Gal(beta1-4)GlcNAc(alpha1-3)Fucose.

I have been criticised for the way I have written this structure. It 
may be more clearly represented by:


This shows that the fucose is alpha1-3 linked to the GlcNac
residue as a branch, and not as part of the chain.  

I have also been critisised for my representation of N-acetyl-neuraminic
acid as NeuAc and not NeuNAc.  It is possible that a reader may not clearly
derive information regarding the fact that the acetyl group is N-linked 
and not O-linked. 

Therefore the structure for sialyl Lewis ^x may be represented by:




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