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> unsubscribe glycosci

As a reminder to all: you *cannot* subscribe or unsubscribe by mailing 
the group. Please follow the standard instructions on such commands 
as detailed in the FAQ on subscribing/posting dated 24th February - 
this is in the archives at net.bio.net. Presumably if you subscribed 
by e-mail you will have received confirmation from net.bio.net or 
daresbury.ac.uk together with commands and other information. If, 
however, people tend to delete this informational 'welcome' e-mail as 
a rule and so there is demand for information on 
unsubscribing/archives/posting etc., I will send out this FAQ every 
month - any comments on this being seen as fair or overkill?

NB: The standard instructions are the same for any bionet newsgroup. 
You *have* to mail the same address as you sent the subscribe command 
to! If you send commands to the newsgroup nothing will happen except 
that everyone else will read your rather boring message! 


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