Glycosci FAQ?

Iain Wilson WILSON at edv1.boku.ac.at
Mon Apr 3 06:16:12 EST 1995

I'll deal with both queries on FAQs in the same message:

> Date:          Sun, 2 Apr 1995 16:20:49 GMT
> From:          christer.ericsson at mog.ki.se (Christer Ericsson)
> Reply-to:      christer.ericsson at mog.ki.se (Christer Ericsson)
> To:            "bionet.glycosci mail newsgroup" <bionet-news at dl.ac.uk>
> Subject:       Glycosci FAQ?

> I have been following this newsgroup for some time now, but have not yet
> come upon any reference to a FAQ. Is there one? I would be very grateful
> for a pointer to where it is, if it exists.
> Sincerely
> Chris

A 'FAQ' on how to subscribe, post messages, etc was posted on 24th 
February. A draft 'FAQ' on which glycosyltransferases are cloned was 
posted on 9th February. They can be looked up via the archives: the 
URL is gopher://gopher.bio.net/11/GLYCOSCI
When BOKU has 'personal' Web pages, then I'll put copies on the Web 
as well.

There are no other FAQs at this time - since we have not been going 
that long (not yet six months) and someone somewhere would have to 
take sometime to write these things!

>Date:          2 Apr 1995 12:40:49 -0700
>From:          ALTOSAAR at ACADVM1.UOTTAWA.CA (Illimar Altosaar)
>Reply-to:      ALTOSAAR at ACADVM1.UOTTAWA.CA (Illimar Altosaar)
>To:            "bionet.glycosci mail newsgroup" <bionet-news at dl.ac.uk>
>Subject:       FAQ
>How can I look for info on FAQ if we don not know what it stands for?
>Please explain what it is and what it does.  Tak so mycket!
>Illimar Altosaar
>University of Ottawa Biochemistry Department
>Ottawa Canada

A 'FAQ' is a list (with answers) of Frequently Asked Questions. These 
may be posted to a newsgroup and/or accessible via gopher/FTP/WWW. 

I think at this time if people have queries then they can be dealt 
with by the group. There may be a time when we have built up a list 
of actually frequently asked questions with answers - of course if 
anyone wishes to volunteer for the task of collation...  Some may 
query the need for FAQs at this time - was the glycosyltransferase 
list I posted really a FAQ (since no-one had asked the question)? - 
should I bother with a draft FAQ on glycosidases? These things take 
time and if there is no demand, then there's no point - but if people 
really want FAQs then we should have volunteers to write them - since 
no-one is an expert in all fields of the glycosciences. Opinions from 
the silent majority on any points relating to development of the 
newsgroup would be most welcome.

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