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  1. test of glycosci@net.bio.net   David Kristofferson
  2. Test of bionet.glycosci   David Kristofferson
  3. test of glycosci@daresbury.ac.uk   David Kristofferson
  4. GLYCOSCI/bionet.glycosci is ready!   BIOSCI Administrator
  5. glycosci(bionet)   Terry Green
  6. Introductory comments on the newsgroup   Iain B. H. Wilson
  7. What this newsgroup is about ... (The GLYCOSCI charter)   Iain B. H. Wilson
  8. carbohydrates and proliferation   Karen Lona Allendoerfer
  9. complexation of counterions   Michel Voue
  10. carbohydrates and proliferation   Iain B. H. Wilson

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