What this newsgroup is about ... (The GLYCOSCI charter)

Iain B. H. Wilson iwilson at molbiol.ox.ac.uk
Thu Nov 24 09:48:37 EST 1994

For the reference of those who have stumbled upon this new group:


The purpose of GLYCOSCI is to serve as an international,

interdisciplinary forum for communication amongst scientists in the

'glycosciences'.  For these purposes the term 'glycosciences' is used

to embrace all disciplines of science related to carbohydrate and

glycoconjugate molecules, including organic, physical, biological and

medical fields, using experimental, theoretical or computational

scientific methodologies.  It is intended that the newsgroup would

serve as a catalyst for international co-operation between scientists

and for the creation of new Internet-based resources in the

glycosciences.  The open forum will serve as a vehicle for the

exchange of information, data and opinions between glycoscientists in

academia, industry and government.

Information exchanged can include: 

1)      scientific dialogue (either intra- or


2)      announcements of upcoming meetings and conference

         of interest; 

3)      news of funding initiatives or other items of

         interest to the glycoscience community; 

4)      announcements of academic positions and job


5)      requests for experimental protocols, novel reagents and software;

6)      notification of novel reagents or software available on a

         non-commericial basis; 


7)      abstracts of papers accepted for publication;

8)      reviews of new developments in the field;

9)      structural data.

All members of the scientific community with an interest in the

glycosciences are encouraged to subscribe to, and take part in, the

proposed newsgroup.  The discussion leaders would wish to encourage

the development of a series of FAQs on a variety of subjects in the

glycosciences for reference by specialists and newcomers to the field.

The newsgroup is unmoderated.

This charter is also accessible by gopher, FTP or WWW at net.bio.net. For 
WWW, the URL for the GLYCOSCI archive is gopher://gopher.bio.net:70/11/GLYCOSCI

Information for GLYCOSCI/bionet.glycosci

USENET name: bionet.glycosci

Mailing list name: GLYCOSCI

E-mail addresses: glycosci at net.bio.net

                  glycosci at daresbury.ac.uk

Discussion leaders: Iain Wilson 

                    Dyson Perrins Laboratory

                    University of Oxford, OX1 3QY, UK

                    (iwilson at molbiol.ox.ac.uk)

                    Barry Hardy

                    Computer-Aided Molecular Design Group

                    Physical Chemistry Laboratory

                    University of Oxford, OX1 3QZ, UK        

                    (bhardy at convex.ox.ac.uk)


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