Carbohydrate Classes??; OLD Glycomed info

Richard C. Harmon cytact at netcom.com
Mon Dec 19 13:46:43 EST 1994

Laura Morris (chelcmx at WOLF.GSU.EDU) wrote:

: I know someone out there has to have more up to date information, but the
: last time I talked to someone at Glycomed (June of this year) they had
: just gone through personnel cutbacks. But I thought they were going to
: clinical trials with something soon. Has anyone heard anything about it?

Laura.......here's what I know, plus some rumors.......
Glycomed has completed patient enrollment for a metaloprotease inhibitor 
(indication of infected corneal ulcers).  I thought the results would be 
public by now.  I read somewhere recently that there may be an issue with 
shelf life.  This ticks me off.  It makes me wonder if the convoluted 
process of clinical trials has been navigated with a molecule that 
pharmacists won't appreciate.
I heard a _rumor_ that their patent dealing with selectin inhibitors has 
issued _without_ the structure of their selected drug candidate 
("Celadin").  It would be very helpful to know more about this, if anyone 
can (and will) comment.
Otherwise, I think they have exciting but preliminary results with 
experimental metastases.  The new CEO (Brian Atwood) has a tough road 
ahead, but I like him.  Unfortunately, they lost Neil Ackerman, who is a 
damn good scientist.

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