Self introduction & RE:Dr. Jefferis

mike quesenberry quese_m at JHUVMS.HCF.JHU.EDU
Sat Dec 10 12:22:08 EST 1994

Dear Glyconet,

Today was my first use of the World Wide Web, and I found the glycosciences
mail group.  Please pardon my lack of expertise in 'netspeak'.  I have not
yet figured out how to send a 'posting' to your bulletin board directly from
the 'Mosaic' program, so I went back to my more familiar dos email program
to send this.

I think the glycoscience electronic bulletin board is a great idea.  I will
tell my colleagues about it.  You may wish to consider other means of
getting the word out, such as:

          You could approach Prof. Hart the editor of 'Glycobiology'
          for some free advertising space in that journal, or...

          Don't forget 'The Glycoconjugate Journal'.  At the last
          meeting of Soc. for Glycobiology they were giving freebies &
          'Glycobiology' was $10--the opposite situation of 2 years past
          So, 'The Glycoconjugate Journal' might be receptive to free ads...

          How about TIGG?  Don't forget our Japanese colleagues--Let them
          know as well, they are avid glycobiologists.

          Also, would people like to hear reports about deparmental talks?
          We've had Vince Hascall, John Wang, and Eric Toone this semester--
          ALL WERE GREAT TALKS!!!  Would the operators of this bulletin
          board, and the other users, think it appropriate or desirable
          to post 'reviews' or 'reports', and would the INEVITABLE
          subjective aspects of such be FORGIVEN and the report taken
          as a positive effort to try to communicate?


I just wanted to remark to Dr. Jefferis on his 'functional aspect of
glycosylation of receptors' question.  I'm not sure how 'functional' this
is, but certainly receptors (their binding sites, that is) must extend out
from the cell surface to do their job, and this means getting through the
jungle of carbohydrates which dominate (as we know) the surface.  Extensive
studies (sorry, no references on me, but you know you can look up Brown and
Goldstein on Medline--you use Medline in the U.K. also?) of the LDL-receptor
O-glycosylation indicates (I believe) an important role for maintaining
rigidity of the 'stalk' portion of the molecule which spaces out the part of
the molecule responsible for binding away from the cell surface.  Is that
functional enough for you?  (conclusion from studies w/ glycosylation
inhibitors in a cell culture expression system, if memory serves correctly)
I hope this off-the-cuff immediate answer (without having first checked the
refs.) is acceptable.


Mike Quesenberry, laboratory of Y.C. Lee, Dept. Biol, Johns Hopkins, USA
fax 410-516-8716, phone (?people use these for something other than modems?)

P.S.  Where is the job offerings section of this bb?  Just joking...I'd
sooner be able to transmute lead to gold...

P.P.S.  As to databases, are there any CarbBank users out there?

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