A couple more opening comments and announcements

Barry Hardy bhardy at convex.ox.ac.uk
Wed Dec 7 02:23:58 EST 1994

Hello Glycoscience Interest Group (GIG).  
	I wanted to take a few minutes to make some personal 
welcoming comments and a couple of specific statements.  First, 
although as a co-founder of our bionet newsgroup I am officially a 
'discussion leader', I do not personally intend to 'lead' many 
discussions.  This is your community newsgroup through which 
interactions, discussions and comments should emerge.  I look 
forward to participating in discussions, giving some guidance at times 
and developing new projects for GIG. 
	I hope that GIG will foster global exchange of information 
between scientists in this new area of science, that cross-disciplinary 
connections are made for the benefit of our education and research 
projects, and that GIG aids bringing researchers in industry and 
academia closer together.  We all realise that people in industry have 
proprietary concerns but nevertheless there is plenty they can both 
contribute to and learn from the discussion and I hope we can 
actively encourage their participation. 
	Here are my couple of specific statements:
(1) First Electronic Glycoscience Conference 1995
	I would like to announce that GIG will have its first electronic 
conference in 1995.  If you are interested in joining the planning 
group send me your name and any input you may have at this 
(2) Developing Structure-Related Information for GIG
	Being primarily a structure/modeling kind of person, I am 
interested in seeing this kind of information gathered for GIG and 
hence solicit a group of volunteers to work on this project.  The work 
could include development of a glycostructural FAQ, gathering of 
location-site addresses, access procedures for structural information 
and databases, writing of structural Web pages with links to Glyco-
related URLs, and possibly the eventual construction of our own 
databases. Structural information can include sequences, models, 
crystal structures, spectra, or parameters.

Barry J. Hardy  

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