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The Future of Genetic Progress 30 Years into the Millennium.

ATeasd5941 ateasd5941 at aol.com
Thu Aug 19 13:50:23 EST 1999

Future medical predication, the year is 2030. 

There is to be an increase of psychologists to
cope with the steam of people undergoing genetic
testing. It has now been scientifically proven that
suicide rates increase by over 500% amongst
those who discover that they are going to come
down with a terminal illness. 

Sadly the promise of genetic cures have not been 
realised. Some think that it was inevitable that money
would be invested in screening since scientists have discovered
that fundamental genetic material cannot be 'changed,'
only manipulated or eliminated before conception.

Since the early days of the genome project scientists
 had believed that they were capable of making medicines
by using the information they have gathered. Sadly, apart
from a few accidental finds, this is not to be, resulting in a
'more we learn, the more ignorant we know we are' attitude.

 Since the discovery that the elimination or manipulation 
of one gene leads to further problems, resulting from the
long term reliance from other genes locked in varying kinds
of time capsules, scientists now realise there was more to
the genetic jigsaw than they thought they first understood. 
To the lay person they were looking at a 3D jigsaw from just 
one angle.

Scientist now admit that they don't have the capability of 
developing the technology capable of screening whole
populations cheaply. They do not feel comfortable with the
increasing amount of resulting abortions and the pressure on
them to develop yet more trait sceening tests. Some scientists
are reported to have said that they find trait screening abhorrant,
fearing the new super race about to emerge.

Professor XXX said he felt the some areas of medical research
have taken us back on the moral plain of life and done irreparable
damage to the credibility of science.  He also said, 'Thankfully
todays young scientists no longer carry the arrogance their 
predecessors once did. It's hard to believe that we once thought
we could reach into life and eliminate a disease without disturbing the
natural order of things on the wider scale."

When asked about the recent suicide statistics he said, "I'm not
really surprised, with such devesting news life loses its purpose,
you become a mistake of nature. Let's face it if we were born
with the ability to know our futures we would be driven mad, there
are things God has always understood better than us."

He concluded by saying,"Which ever end of the universe man
stands, whether it is from a far distant planet, or from the very
insides of a living creature, he will come to realise it will never be
within his comprehension. As he searches, the distance between
the two points increase and will add to the complexities, he will 
always remain somewhere in the middle. He has neither the
wisdom nor the understanding to deal with life as God truly 
knows it"

Carol T 

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