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LINKAGE in Borland Pascal

Jurg Ott jo7 at COLUMBIA.EDU
Fri May 20 10:26:09 EST 1994

LINKAGE programs for Borland Pascal 7.0 on our ftp site

     To take advantage of Borland Pascal's enhanced capabilities
vis-a-vis Turbo Pascal, I recently converted our LINKAGE programs
from Turbo to Borland Pascal.  Conversion of other programs will
be done over the next few days.  The following features are
characteristic for the new program versions:

  -  Programs may be compiled to run under DOS protected mode. 
     That way they can address up to 16MB of memory.  Thus, a
     heap overflow error is no longer likely.  On the other hand,
     the data segment (memory for variables and arrays) is still
     limited to 64KB.

  -  Programs may be compiled to run under Windows.  Then, they
     also run in protected mode.

  -  Batch files are available for easy compilation of the
     programs for any of the target systems (DOS real mode, DOS
     protected mode, Windows).  For DOS real mode, the batch
     files are compatible with Turbo Pascal 5.0 or higher.

  -  The program versions on the ftp site
     (york.cpmc.columbia.edu) have been compiled to run under DOS
     protected mode.  That way, they are somewhat slower (51
     seconds for benchmark) than when compiled for DOS real mode
     (46 seconds).  Users may recompile the programs with Borland
     or Turbo Pascal.

     Because of problems with version 5.2 of the general pedigree
programs, for general pedigrees we now distribute version 5.1
(FASTLINK [Cottingham/Idury/Schaffer], by the way, is based on
version 5.1).  On the other hand, because version 5.1 of CILINK
was flawed, for the 3-generation programs we distribute version
5.2.  The LINKHELP.W51 and LINKHELP.TXT files have been updated
to reflect these changes.  Two additional files with explanations
on Borland Pascal (BORPAS.W51, BORPAS.TXT) will be added to the
ftp site in a few days.

Jurg Ott       20 May 1994

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