[Genbank-bb] about a GenBank-rapd "dumpy" sequence published by Indian people

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Examples of some strange "dusty" sequence published by Indian people at
NCBI. I compared accesion HQ883974 and HQ883972.1 deposited at genbank as
from different especies.

The sequence appears to be the same except that one have 8 bases at one end.
Both were released same day
LOCUS       HQ883972                 765 bp    DNA     linear   PLN
DEFINITION  Rheum palmatum clone rp1 RAPD marker genomic sequence.

LOCUS       HQ883974                 766 bp    DNA     linear   PLN
DEFINITION  Ipomoea batatas clone ib1 RAPD marker genomic sequence.

The BLASTN:query :HQ883974

>gb|HQ883972.1|  Rheum palmatum clone rp1 RAPD marker genomic sequence

Reveals a perfect match.
 How do this sequences could be allowed to be deposited at Genbank. It
appears that this example makes GenBank a place to deposit any thing, like
Genbank was a mere box of trashes.

Any ways, I think this is a mistake to be corrected by the authors.Also,
that is unannotated and appears to be a kind of RAPD markers. That would
explain that this is not a true marker.

The following is a recent paper of many of these authors:
Khan S., Mirza K.J., Al-Qurainy F., Abdin M.Z. Authentication of the
medicinal plant Senna angustifolia by RAPD profiling. Saudi Journal of
Biological Sciences In Press, Corrected Proof.

Fitoterapia. 2010 Dec;81(8):969-76. Epub 2010 Aug 17.
SCAR markers: a potential tool for authentication of herbal drugs.
Kiran U, Khan S, Mirza KJ, Ram M, Abdin MZ.

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