[Genbank-bb] GenBank 1996 CD-ROM releases sought for historical archive

Don Gilbert via genbankb%40net.bio.net (by gilbertd At net.bio.net)
Tue Nov 28 21:30:53 EST 2006

Dear readers,

There is a historical archive of GenBank releases from when it was
distributed on CD-ROM, drawn from my old disk collection.  I would like
to fill in missing releases from 1996, just before NCBI ceased
producing these.  Find this archive at 

If you have a copy of NCBI-GenBank (Flat File Format) or 
Entrez:Sequences multi-CD-ROM produced after April 1996 (rel94), 
please contact me.  This would include GenBank release numbers 95,96,97,98.  
Release 98 may have been the last CD-ROM release.

Also  if you have archival copies of the post-CD releases from 1997 to
2004 you would like to contribute to this archive, please let me know.

Most people don't care about these historical releases, as the data,
possibly updated and corrected, is available in current releases.  For
some critical purposes, research using the older data requires these
historical data releases be available for confirmation.

Thanks, Don Gilbert
gilbertd At net.bio.net

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