Corrupted File : gbcon.aso : GB 131.0

Mark Cavanaugh cavanaug at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
Wed Sep 4 15:19:52 EST 2002

Greetings GenBank Users,

The ASN.1 version of the CON division for GenBank Release 131.0 :


was corrupt. NCBI Toolkit applications processing this file would have
coredumped, or reported errors similar to :

	FATAL ERROR: gbcon.asoInput

As yet we do not know the cause of the corruption, but we suspect
a bad disk (hardware fault).

A repaired version of gbcon.aso.gz was installed on our FTP site
at 4:12pm EDT on Wednesday, September 4, 2002.

Thus far we have not discovered any other corrupted files. But if
this changes, we will make additional announcements and repairs.

Our apologies for any inconvenience that this has caused.

Mark Cavanaugh


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