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A police officer pulls over this guy who's been weaving in and out of the
lanes. He goes up to the guy's window and says, "Sir, I need you to blow
into this breathalyzer tube." The man says, "Sorry, officer, I can't do
that. I am an asthmatic. If I do that, I'll have a really bad asthma
attack." "Okay, fine. I need you to come down to the station to give a blood
sample." "I can't do that either. I am a hemophiliac. If I do that, I'll
bleed to death." "Well, then, we need a urine sample." "I'm sorry, officer,
I can't do that either. I am also a diabetic. If I do that, I'll get really
low blood sugar." "All right, then I need you to come out here and walk this
white line." "I can't do that, officer." "Why not?" "Because I'm drunk."
By the time John pulled into the little town, every hotel room was taken.
"You've got to have a room somewhere." he pleaded. "Or just a bed--I don't
care where.""Well, I do have a double room with one occupant," admitted the
manager," and he might be glad to split the cost. But to tell you the truth,
he snores so loudly that people in adjoining rooms have complained in the
past. I'm not sure it'd be worth it to you.""No problem," the tired traveler
assured him. "I'll take it."The next morning, John came down to breakfast
bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. When asked about how he slept, he replied,
"Never better."The manager was impressed. "No problem with the other guy
snoring, then?""Nope. I shut him up in no time.""How'd you manage that?""He
was already in bed, snoring away, when I came in the room," John said. "I
went over, gave him a kiss on the cheek, said, 'Goodnight, beautiful.' With
that he sat up all night watching me."
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