dsred2 / eGFP in vivo

Hannes Klump klump.hannes at mh-hannover.de
Thu Oct 2 07:28:18 EST 2003

Hi out there!

I have two questions for you regarding the use of dsRed2 (and GFP) in
primary cells:
first: did any of you experience any toxicity or strange effects of dsRED2
on such cells yet? I have the feeling that this protein does not behave
"neutral" in hematopoietic cells, but leads to strange selective effects.
2.) when coexpressing GFP and dsRed2 - do you have any problems with
compensation during FACS analysis? We are using a FACScalbur from BD and at
least in my hands, dsRED2 (measured in FL2) heavily emits into the FITC
channel (FL1).

Any ideas?

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