[Employment] 1-2 Postdocs in Microbiology at Uppsala University

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Thu Jan 24 17:39:49 EST 2019

Project description

The proposed project will take place in an active research group at the department of Cell and Molecular biology. The focus of this research group lies in understanding the role of bacterial toxin delivery systems in biology. Bacterial toxin delivery (e.g. bacteriocins, type 6 secretion and contact-dependent growth inhibition systems) has previously been shown to be important for antagonistic interactions, allowing bacteria with these systems a competitive advantage in environments where resources for growth are scarce and shared with other bacteria. In this project the focus is to investigate how toxin delivery affects bacterial communication, biofilm formation, evolution and ability to colonize a host.


For instructions on how to apply, please refer to: http://bit.ly/2TdPXYC

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