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A Research Fellow (postdoctoral) position is available in the laboratory of Asst Prof Alexander Ludwig at the School of Biological Sciences (SBS) and the NTU Institute of Structural Biology (NISB), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. The lab is interested in the molecular, structural and functional organisation of cell membranes, with a focus on membrane compartments that control cell polarity in epithelial cells. The lab combines cell biological, biochemical, and structural approaches with high-resolution imaging including light and electron microscopy and correlative microscopy.

We are seeking a highly motivated and hard-working postdoc to study the organisation and regulation of epithelial cell junctions.  The project requires knowledge and prior experience in epithelial cell biology, biochemistry/structural biology, and/or high-resolution imaging.  SBS/NISB provides a world-class environment for the advertised project, and offers access to a range of light microscopes (confocal, TIRF, light-sheet, spinning-disk), equipment for protein expression and purification (insect cells and mammalian cell cultures, AEKTA), biophysical and structural methods (MS, ITC, SPR, Xray crystallography, NMR) and state-of-the art electron microscopy (Arctica, Titan Krios), cryoFIB-SEM (Aquilos).

The candidate should possess a PhD degree in cell biology, biochemistry, or a related field and should have prior knowledge and experience in molecular biology (cloning), cell biology (cell culture, transfection), imaging (light and/or electron microscopy), and biochemistry (protein expression and purification, immunoblotting). Experience in structural biology (e.g. Xray crystallography, cryoEM), mass spectrometry/proteomics, and/or genome editing (CRISPR) would be highly advantageous. The candidate should be fluent in english, self-motivated, independent, and possess team-work spirit.

For instructions on how to apply, please refer to: http://bit.ly/2T3lyw9

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