[Employment] PhD Utilizing Sequence Variation to Strengthen The Swiss Pig Breeding Programs

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ETH Zurich is one of the world's leading universities specialising in science and technology. It is renowned for its excellent education, its cutting-edge fundamental research and its efforts to put new knowledge and innovations directly into practice. The Animal Genomics and Animal Genetics groups at the Institute of Agricultural Sciences, ETH Zurich, invite applications for a PhD student in pig genomics.

	new position.The objective of the PhD project is to compile a comprehensive catalogue of DNA variation that segregates in two Swiss pig populations using massive whole-genome sequencing data in order to improve the selection of future breeding animals. The successful candidate will be responsible for the analysis of pedigree, phenotype, genotype and whole-genome sequence data of two Swiss pig populations. Trait-associated sequence variants will be identified using bioinformatics and statistical approaches. Strategies will be developed to consider putatively deleterious, disease-associated and beneficial variants for the improvement of genome-based breeding programs. Close collaboration with an industry partner is foreseen in order to seamlessly integrate new findings into existing breeding programs.

For instructions on how to apply, please refer to: http://bit.ly/2AHR0Jf

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