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The goal of this PhD-student project is to study the evolution of microbial genomes using bioinformatics methods. More specifically, the aim is to study the processes that drive the evolution larger genomes and higher levels of cellular complexity. All living organisms have traditionally been divided into two main groups based on their cellular characteristics: prokaryotes (without nucleus) and eukaryotes (with nucleus). However, a recently discovered group of organisms, called the Planctomycetes, have membrane structures that resemble those of eukaryotes, despite being prokaryotes as defined genetically. To understand how this complexity has originated, the PhD student will perform comparative genomics and bioinformatics studies. The work will be performed using the latest methods in bioinformatics and the function, stability and structure of particularly interesting new genes will then be investigated. You may also work with departmental work, such as teaching. This will constitute at most 20% of the position. Information about research education can be found at the web site of the Faculty of Science and Technology, http://www.teknat.uu.se/cms/. Applicants must be eligible for PhD studies at Uppsala University.

The candidate should have a Master of Science degree in Biology with specialization in bioinformatics, microbiology or related subject areas that the employer considers equivalent.. The candidate should be able to work well as part of a team but also independently, and be proficient in both written and spoken English.

For instructions on how to apply, please refer to: http://bit.ly/2SEphA4

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