[Employment] PhD Position in Development of Biologicals at Uppsala University

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Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences has 140 employees and a number of visiting researchers and fellow students. The department has twelve research groups with a common administration and we are doing research and teaching in pharmaceutical cell biology / biochemistry, pharmacology, pharmaceutical and drug addiction, pharmacotherapy, pharmacokinetics, pharmacometry, clinical pharmacy, bioinformatics, imaging mass spectrometry, molecular neuropharmacology, immunology, biological drugs / biotechnology as well as toxicology and drug safety. More information about the department and its activities can be found at www.farmbio.uu.se

Duties: Immunotherapy is one of the fastest growing fields within drug development. By designing antibodies that should be used for immunotherapy, one can regulate how long time they stay in the body, to where in the body they are transported and how they act to cure or detect a disease. The research group works with design, production and evaluation of different antibodies and proteins, mainly for neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease but also other types of diseases like cancer and epilepsy. The goal with the PhD project is to improve the efficiency of antibodies that should be used therapeutically or diagnostically, but also to be able to reach disease targets that previously have been unavailable for biological drugs. We work in a creative way to find out new ideas to how antibodies can be transported and to understand transport mechanisms. We then test our ideas on diseases with a large demand for improved therapeutic solutions.

For instructions on how to apply, please refer to: http://bit.ly/2SxHEdG

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