Duck female specific nucleic probe

Stephane Pasteau Stephane.Pasteau at pasteur-lille.fr
Fri Jan 17 04:46:11 EST 1997

I'm looking for a nucleic probe that I could use for sexing a duck female.
I know that it exists specic probes  on chicken W chromosome. Does anybody
know if probes like that exist for the duck and if not, can I use chicken
probes on the duck. Last question, could anybody give me such a probe.
Thank you in advance for answers (you can use my email)

Dr Stephane PASTEAU, DVM, PhD
Institut Pasteur de Lille, Service de Recherche et D=E9veloppement
Domaine du CERTIA, 369, rue Jules Guesde - B.P. 39
59651 VILLENEUVE D'ASQ cedex, France
tel. : (33) 3-20-43-86-67
fax. : (33) 3-20-43-86-66
e.mail : Stephane.Pasteau at pasteur-lille.fr

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