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Proceedings volume available

Bjorn Olsson bjorne at ida.his.se
Thu Oct 23 11:27:24 EST 1997

The proceedings of BCEC97 - BioComputing and Emergent Computation,
is now available. Reference:

Dan Lundh, Bjorn Olsson and Ajit Narayanan (eds.)
Biocomputing and Emergent Computation - Proceedings of BCEC97
World Scientific, 1997
ISBN 981-02-3262-4

The proceedings contains the following papers:

D.B. Fogel=20
"The Advantages of Evolutionary Computation"

T. Yamamoto=20
"Critical States in Cellular Automata with Local and Global=20

P. Nordin, W. Banzhaf and F.D. Francone
"Introns in Nature and in Simulated Structure Evolution"

E. Bonabeau, A. Sobkowski, G. Theraulaz and JL. Deneubourg
"Adaptive Task Allocation Inspired by a Model of Division=20
 of Labor in Social Insects"

S. Yoshii and Y. Kakazu
"Symbiosis of Spontaneous Hypercycles through Self-

K. Ohkura and K. Ueda
"An Extended Genetic Algorithm based on the Neutral=20

P. Devine, R. Paton and M. Amos
"Adaptation of Evolutionary Agents in Computational=20

B. Rost
"Learning From Evolution To Predict Protein Structure"

J.L. Fern=E1ndez-Villacanas, J.M. Fatah and S. Amin
"Evolution of Protein Interactions"

P. Fariselli and R. Casadio
"Pseudodihedral Potential of Protein Residues and the=20
 Prediction of Folding"

F. Ren, H. Tanaka, T. Okayama and T.Gojobori
"Molecular Phylogenetic Trees Are Inferred by Using Minimum=20
 Model-based Complexity"

F. Pazos, L-Sanchez-Pulido, J.A. Garc=EDa-Ranea, M.A. Andrade,
S. Atrian and A.Valencia
"Comparative Analysis of Different Methods for the Detection=20
 of Specificity Regions in Protein Families"

L. Kari
"From Micro-soft to Bio-soft: Computing with DNA"

M. Amos, A. Gibbons and P.E. Dunne
" The Complexity and Viability of DNA Computations"

Y. Suzuki and H. Tanaka
"Symbolic Chemical System based on Abstract Rewriting System=20
 and its halting property"

N. Morimoto, M. Arita and A. Suyama
"Stepwise Generation of Hamiltonian Path with Molecules"

S. Hameroff
"Models of Classical and Quantum Computation in Microtubules:=20
 Implications for Consciousness"

E.M. Insinna
"Biocomputation and nonlinear dynamics in the primitive=20
 sensorimotor mechanism of Euglena gracilis"

D.E. Bentil, K.B. Acheampong, R.K. Wright and D.M. Warshaw
"Piconewton Forces and Nanometre Steps: An Assessment of=20
 Experimental Results for Actomyosin Interaction using Huxley=20

R. Eckmiller
"Towards Learning Retina Implants for Partial Compensation of
 Retinal Degenerations"

K. Torii, T. Kitsukawa, S. Kunifuji and T. Matsuzawa
"Study on Synaptic Model of Temporal Pattern Stimulation"

J.G.Wallace and K. Bluff
"Astrocytes and the Ontogenesis of Local Cortical Areas"

A. Lansner and E.Frans=E9n
"Attractor Network Models of Cortical Associative Memory"

H. Kitano
"Toward the Simulation of the Embryogenesis of Caenorhadbitis=20
 elegans: Perspectives and Visualization"

T. Boudier, F. Gaill and A. Strauss
"Computational Study of the Chitin Secreting Gland of Riftia=20


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