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Adaptive Simulated Annealing (ASA) Version 1.26

Lester Ingber ingber at alumni.cco.caltech.edu
Sun Jun 6 14:26:17 EST 1993

Adaptive Simulated Annealing (ASA) Version 1.26

To get on or off blind-copy ASA e-mailings, just send an e-mail to
ingber at alumni.caltech.edu with your request.

Since the last announcement of version 1.9 on 14 May 93, some new
algorithms have been added.  Two new Program Options, QUENCH_PARAMETERS
and QUENCH_COST, permit some "quenching."  This can be useful together
with the SELF_OPTIMIZE Program Option, especially in large parameter
spaces.  E.g., you can first determine a good set of Program Options
for a sample dimension, and then use these with the QUENCH options
in the larger space.  The README[.ps] file explains these options.

In the draft of "Simulated annealing: Practice versus theory,"
sa_pvt.ps.Z in the archive, the SELF_OPTIMIZE, QUENCH_[] and
ACTIVATE_REANNEAL Program Options are applied to the difficult test
problem in the code, for dimensions n=4 and n=8, containing 10^(5n)
minima.  Relative to previously published ASA/VFSR studies that were
faster and more accurate than other global optimization algorithms,
it is demonstrated how the use of these options can speed up the
search (number of cost_function calls) by as much as a factor of 50,
without losing accuracy in finding the global minimum.

The latest Adaptive Simulated Annealing (ASA) code (typically
not yet extensively tested) and some related (p)reprints in
compressed PostScript format can be retrieved via anonymous ftp from
ftp.caltech.edu [] in the pub/ingber directory.

Interactively: ftp ftp.caltech.edu, [Name:] anonymous, [Password:]
your_email_address, cd pub/ingber, binary, ls; get file_of_interest,
quit.  The latest version of ASA is asa-x.y.Z (x and y are version
numbers), linked to asa.Z.  For the convenience of users who do
not have any uncompress utility, there is a file asa which is an
uncompressed copy of asa-x.y.Z/asa.Z; if you do not have sh or shar,
you still can delete the first-column X's and separate the files at
the END_OF_FILE locations.  There are patches asa-diff-x1.y1-x2.y2.Z
up to the present version; these may be concatenated as required
before applying.  The INDEX file contains an index of the other files.

If you do not have ftp access, get information on the FTPmail service
by: mail ftpmail at decwrl.dec.com, and send only the word "help" in
the body of the message.

If any of the above are not convenient, and if your mailer can handle
large files (please test this first), the code or papers you require
can be sent as uuencoded compressed files via electronic mail.
If you have gzip, resulting in smaller files, please state this.

Sorry, I cannot assume the task of mailing out hardcopies of code
or papers.


|| Prof. Lester Ingber                                                ||
|| Lester Ingber Research                                             ||
|| P.O. Box 857                      EMail: ingber at alumni.caltech.edu ||
|| McLean, VA  22101             Archive: ftp.caltech.edu:/pub/ingber ||

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