What workstations should we get?

Carl-Georg Meinhof meinhof at sun1.ruf.uni-freiburg.de
Tue Sep 17 13:42:10 EST 1991

Dear Netters,
             the problem we have and most probably share with
others is to decide what workstations we should buy.

Our department of molecular genetics plans to buy 7 workstations
together with one server. We thought about buying SUN
SPARCstations because we were under the impression that these
machines are the most widespread in the field. In terms of
compatibility this is a very important argument because we will
depent largely on software which is freely available. 

Now it seems that SUN is lagging behind in its technology while
other systems (IBM's RS6000, HP, NEXT) offer more bang for the
buck. Is there as much software for molecular biologists
developed for these machines as for SPARCstations? How much do
they differ in terms of source code compatibility? Is it a big
disadvantage that SUN is not part of OSF? 

Thanks for any suggestions


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