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Tue Sep 10 13:11:00 EST 1991

I'm preparing demos and handouts for a course on pattern
analysis, and I'd like to use as an example the famous example
of the three iris species that can be separated by linear
discriminant.  The original data was reported by E. Anderson
in 1935 (Bull. Am. Iris Soc. vol 59 pp 2-5) and was referenced
by Fisher (1936, Annals of Eugenics, vol 7, pp 179-88) and
Friedman and Rubin (1967, J. Am. Stat. Assoc. vol 62,
1159-78), as well as many other places.  

I can't find the original Anderson reference, or the Fisher 
reference, and no other paper gives the original data
(understandably).  Does someone have a reference for another place 
where the data might be published, or (better yet) does anyone 
have this data on line in a file that they could mail me?  
Since this is so widely cited, I figure someone should have 
it around for testing purposes.  I'd much appreciate any help!


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