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What workstations should we get?

Scott Schwartz schwartz at roke.cs.psu.edu
Wed Sep 25 01:43:36 EST 1991

phillip.helsel at texsun.central.sun.com writes:
   ...Sun is behind in pure CPU floating point speed

Not just fp!  Sun is way behind, period.  I recently posted to
comp.benchmarks the results of running sim, a program which computes
the top N best local alignments in two dna or protein sequences, on a
variety of machines.  Sun was at the bottom.  HP was at the top,
besting Cray.  This is integer, scalar code, not fp at all.

   See the attached independent study by Chalmers University
   of Technology in Gothenburg titled "SPARCSTATION IPX OUTPERFORMS HP
   SNAKE AND RS6000".

Note the extensive criticism of that "study" in other newsgroups.  My
experience using the machines listed was quite different than their
results purport to show.  Unless something quite drastic happens, the
next machine we buy won't be a Sun.

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