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Hebb's rule for synapse modification: speculation

Lawrence Detweiler ld231782 at longs.lance.colostate.edu
Sat Aug 17 13:30:01 EST 1991


Here are some speculations inspired by Hebb's rule.

1. Perhaps there is a Hebbian growth cone analogue to the synapse, functioning
in the following way: the neurite of a given neuron grows toward (to eventually
connect with) other neurons with activity in phase with its own.  Or, in the
case where activity is completely (but consistently) out of phase, grow
to form 
an inhibitory connection in contrast to an excitatory one.

2. Perhaps a suitably sophisticated set of processing units, `connected to'
(interacting with) the `real world' via a diversity of representations of 
sensations and capabilities of motor control, employing Hebb's rule for
modification of mutual excitation and inhibition, is sufficient and necessary
for intelligence.

P.S. Would anybody be interested in a Hebb's Rule fan club?

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