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Exposing genetic child abuse

Dykes breed dykes - Expose child abuse chldprt777 at hotmail.com
Sun May 2 08:49:52 EST 1999


Please support our cause to expose child abuse.

CHILD ABUSE, new form exposed and one reason why teenagers commit

* Exposed

It seems geneticists have unwittingly uncovered a form of child
abuse that most people would not have been aware of.

Australian geneticists have found evidence that supports the
existence of a  'Gay' gene and the probability that it is
hereditary. Their evidence suggested that it's the brothers of
lesbians and the sisters of gays that spread this deformity to
the next generation. That is, the (apparently) heterosexual
brother of a lesbian will father more lesbians, while the
(apparently) heterosexual sister of a gay will mother more gays.
This seems to make sense if you look around for examples in our
society, attractive super models and their gay brothers or  tough
guys and their rough sisters.

When their findings were released, these geneticists were
threatened with death from the gay community..

The fact that homosexuality is hereditary may look innocent on
the surface but closer examination reveals something far more
sinister. Gay/lesbian families must have always known that their
'family secret' was hereditary but have always tried to keep this
fact a secret. Why? These parents obviously don't care for the
needs of their children and are just trying to protect
themselves, to hide the fact that they have knowingly deformed
and used their own children, to hide the truth from their
children, to hide the truth from friends and neighbours, to
pretend to be normal.

* Who?

Exposing gay parents is difficult as this deformity has very few
external attributes, thin lips, a turned eye are signs but cannot
be relied on. As it has been proven as hereditary then family
lines may expose the truth.  How many parents act "Prim and
Proper"/ straight and respectable in our society but their
children turn out to be gay/lesbian? And even when their kids are
exposed as gay, these same parents act as though it has nothing
to do with them. This current finding just proves that "act" is
the operative word. But to be fair it's not always both parents
who are gay, how many poor bastards have been conned by a lesbian
or a gay's sister pretending to be a normal wife and mother or
visa versa, and in both cases it's always the children who pay
the price.

Parents who knowingly deform their own children just to pretend
they're straight, or because they don't want to face the truth
about themselves or even sicker, to prove a political point are
very sick, callous people. To accidentally deform a child is a
tragedy, to knowingly deform one must be considered child abuse.
Parents with other types of hereditary deformities generally show
a lot of responsibility to protect their children but not gays
and lesbians. To be born deformed is one thing, but to be proud
of it and to encourage it's spread is very sick. It proves the
gay community have destructive objectives.

These people would like to drag society down to a level where
nobody cares if children are born deformed because then everyone
would be at their level. It's up to caring people to recognise
these facts and fight against it.

* Where

Where do these gay parents hide?,  in religious communities, in
certain country towns, in gay communities, anywhere where sexual
naivety or child neglect abounds. Christian communities are a
favourite place to hide, priests molesting boys just being the
tip of a very large problem. It's about time christian
communities faced up to this problem and purged their ranks
otherwise christianity will be seen as nothing more than hide-out
for child abusers.

* The Damage

It's generally up to the children themselves to find out about
their parents, usually the hard way. How many teenagers have
committed suicide because their parents wouldn't face the truth?
... once the queer is dead, the problem is gone and the parents
innocent demeanour can remain intact. If you think this is too
far fetched then why do western societies have such high rates of
teenage suicides and child abuse? Nobody wants to be deformed and
teenagers do not commit suicide just because of name calling, the
reasons go far deeper. What can be more demoralising than not
only realising that you're gay or lesbian, but to realise you're
been used by gay parents and that their love is nothing more than
a desperate lie..

* Why isn't anything being done?

You don't have to look far to find reasons why this form of child
abuse isn't being exposed. Gays and lesbians have infiltrated
many positions of power, especially in politics and religion. In
Australia we've recently exposed pedophile Priests and City
Mayors, child molesting Judges and respectable Politicians and
their 'Purple children' ....  'It runs very deep!'

The gay community always try to portray themselves as the
innocent victims of our society. Their influence in the movie
industry , the media and especially in music have been used
slowly but surely to promote this image. 'Homophobic' ..
'Intolerance' and 'Bigot' are their catch cries ... it's a pity
the word 'Responsibility' to children isn't in vogue at the
moment. These new genetic findings tend to contradict their
innocence and shows them more as instigators, with children as
the victims.

* Final Answer

Sooner or later the genes for homosexuality and lesbianism will
be discovered then there will be no hiding for gay parents. Then
it will be easy to discover who the child users are hiding in our

* Fight for child rights

When are honest people going to stand up to these abuses? How
long do teenagers have to commit suicide before someone or some
group has the courage to expose the real truth? ,to take on gay

Fight for child rights, to give children the POWER to protect
themselves from those adults who would use them.

Simply, you could 'Forward' this message onto 3 other people who
you know care for the
needs of children or you may send a return email pledging your
support, or preferably both! ... The time is now to expose this

Thank you for your time.

P.S. Expect Gay community lies responding to this post.

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