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The Law will soon bow to Genetics

Sat Feb 6 08:56:30 EST 1999

The Law will soon bow to Genetics

    As the saying goes "Individuals donot evolve* but population do". We are
imprisoned in the Genetic materials that our parents gave unto us through
the unity of their  haploid gametes to produce the diploid us. At present,
the Human Chromosomal Mapping is on
going by the developed countries.. Subsequently as I believe the phenotypic
bearing of each gene will soon be revealed though regulatory (the extent of
its power to promote or its constitutive flow , etc.) or structural. Genes
that are environmentally prone for their
activities will soon shed light to the badness and goodness of an
individual. Phenotypically bad because of  his/her bad/poor or the like type
of milieu.. Phenotypically good because of his "good"/rich environment where
bad characters could be masked as they could be bought by cosmetic genetics
( behavioral or physical). But
who these  good/learned  individuals say that they have the power to judge
the poor in their own rich living room...the influence to their genes which
mold their character are not the same as that of the poor/bad... Genetics
will soon sum up the totality of an
individual and will reprieve individuals from the penalty that law has
unfairly given them.

*Our lifespan is too short to accommodate natural selection.

I. Savillo
Asst. Prof.

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