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Length of Human DNA.

Binesh Bannerjee binesh at hex21.com
Sun Nov 23 21:05:41 EST 1997

I realize this may be an idiotic, naive question, so if there is an FAQ
somewhere, please let me know...
Looked in rtfm didn't find it...

Anyhow, I have two questions (just out of curiosity...)

I'm not sure if I remember this correctly from way long ago...
How many nucleotides are in human DNA?
And, is the number of nucleotides in human DNA constant across humans
(let's say barring gender differences)...

Like is it males have 6 billion 583 million 743 thousand 542 base pairs,
           females have 6 billion 672 million 243 thousand 938 base

Is that number close? 6 billion? Or are there much more or much less?
I read in a book that there were 200,000 genes in human DNA, and it said
nucleotides per gene, which has to be an approximation, right? Since 3
gives you an amino acid, wouldn't the number of nucleotides in a gene
have to be evenly divisible by 3?

But by that calculation, 200 million base pairs approximately in a human

How do we know that introns are non functional? Introns exist within a
gene, right?
Not junk outside of start and stop codons, right?

Any answers appreciated...
Including, well, if you want to know, go take a molecular bio course!
Stop pestering us
with such trivial questions! It's not something we can explain in a 50
line response!

(I'm just a lowly Unix programmer, trying to understand things...)

Binesh Bannerjee

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