[Cardiovascular-research] Re: Info on Hypertension at the Chemical Level

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do a search for -  angiotensile contracting enzyme -
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> I am doing a term paper on hypertension & approaching it at the
> internal level. All I can find are generalizations:  "Exercise is good
> for high blood pressure", "Too much salt is bad for blood pressure.",
> "Eating fruits & vegts are good for high blood pressure.", etc.   I'm
> looking for all information on the hows & whys of hypertension; such as
> HOW does salt affect blood pressure?, WHY is exercise good for
> controling hypertension?, WHY are fruits & vegts good for
> hypertension?, etc.  I want to know HOW exactly all these factors are
> directly affecting the cardiovascular system.  I have found very few
> sources of such information & would like to find more.  Any help in my
> search would be greatly appreciated.

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