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Want to see whats been upsetting The Online Monopolies

Monopoly Stopper dlairson at dfn.com
Tue Jan 7 06:36:13 EST 2003

NEWS FLASH -YAHOO TO BUY INKTOMI- What's this mean.  Means you better be in inktomi's database at $25 a year before yahoo gets control and raises prices to 300 per year.  Now for our smaller story.

With todays advances in technology the large online auction monopolies have started to worry.  With Ebay, Yahoo, and MSN all wanting to maintain control with their partnerships through keyword companies like Overture.  They currently control over 91% of what you see on the net and whether or not you even find what your looking for.   A good example of this is http://www.yab-e.com a fairly new auction site that is doing things differently and the customers responded.  They allow anyone to auction their wares for FREE.  You can sign up for FREE. They have taken a good idea and made it better.  The lack of cluttered ads all over distracting you from the auctions was impressive.  When we talked to http://www.yab-e.com and asked why only one ad he responded.  "We realized that the traffic was not coming to our site to see our advertisers they were coming to see our auctions,  So we gave up the most premium spot on any web page the header to our advertisers.  Leaving our site clean and easy to navigate.  We took all the extra options we thought folks would like and placed them at the bottom of the page in a single pull down menu.   We realize that over 90% are still on a dial up and made our site FAST while still keeping it looking very clean and professional.  Its our goal to make to have other online retailers using us to not only sell some overstock but to get traffic from our site to theirs.  This is why we made the basic resources free.  So that retailers could use them without feeling burnt when the product didn't sell.  They will just be excited about the traffic that found out they existed just because they listed."

Why are we telling you all of this you ask.  Well we are Monopoly stoppers.  We saw a new site that was run with the highest of professionalism and found out he was denied advertising from a Yahoo and EBay partner named Overture for the search term auction.  Now if you typed the word auction into your browser wouldn't at least want to be given this site as an option.  Since his difficulties in breaking the barriers of the internet kingpins not even taking his money for advertising.  The owners have gone out and started their own Pay-Per-Click search engine.  http://10ringofhits.com  When he was telling me about this he relayed that keeping graphics and ads down to a minimum was key there as well.  We would like for folks on a dial up connection to click and make us their homepage.  We don't need another business so I am donating all profits to our youth education programs.  The outdoors industry has really jumped in support because they were under so much strain from these monopolies over content.  For those who don't know the power of PPC search engines, at only a penny a click overture grosses 400million dollars a year.  So we think we found a good cause to back in our efforts to share the online wealth.
Visit both sites and sign up its free just to show your support.  Use the search engine that will benefit non-profit youth programs.
Hope to see you soon 
Please use your internet wisely

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