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New Metabolic-Reg FAQ

Athel Cornish-Bowden athel at ir2cbm.cnrs-mrs.fr
Fri May 12 02:41:30 EST 2000

Herbert Sauro wrote:

>Here is the release of a new FAQ for the Metabolic-Reg group. Hopefully it
>will expand in future editions, contributions and comments will be very
>welcome. Omissions, reports of errors, bad formatting etc. to be sent to the
>This is an updated ASCII version of a html FAQ originally posted by Athel
>Cornish-Bowden on his web site (and still available at
>http://ir2lcb.cnrs-mrs.fr/~athel/mcafaq.htm). Many thanks to Athel for
>us to use his FAQ as the basis for the bionet-metabolic-reg newsgroup FAQ.
I am of course very pleased that Herbert wanted to use my FAQ as the basis
for  the news group FAQ. I shall continue to maintain mine (as it has quite
a few visits, around 5000 in the past few years, not counting me, and there
is no way of knowing how many of those are from people who follow the news
group) and will try to keep it more or less in step with Herbert's
modifications to his version. There is a difference, however, which is that
my version essentially presents my personal view of things, which is not
necessarily the majority view of the group, so if Herbert gets as much
input from other people as we would hope the two versions may start to

My FAQ was conceived as (and will probably remain) a FAQ on metabolic
control analysis, but the terms of reference of the news group are broader
than that, so it would be very good if someone could work on a FAQ dealing
with some of the non-MCA aspects of the BTK (thermodynamics, ...)

Also in relation to input from other people, could I draw everyone's
attention to the various points where Herbert specifically asks for input:

>[4.6] What are the theorems of Metabolic Control Analysis?

>Indeed, what are they? Waiting for a contribution, but try this one:

[ ... ]

>[5.3] Supply and Demand Theory of Metabolic Systems

>Waiting for someone to write a short summary

>[5.4] TurboCharging

>Interesting property of glycolysis.

>Waiting for someone to write a short summary

>[5.10] Competitive and UnCompetitive inhibition

>Waiting for someone to write a short summary

>[6] Real-World Metabolic Models

>Yes, there are some, but currently waiting for someone to write a short

>[7] Computational Resources

[ ... ]

>More details of other simulation packages to follow. Contributions here
>are very welcome !


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