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Fatty Acid Oxidation & Ketone Body Metabolism Meeting Dec 2000, UK

Simon Eaton s.eaton at ich.ucl.ac.uk
Tue May 2 06:53:03 EST 2000

Dear Colleagues
Pre-doctoral Day (18/12/00) & Fatty Acid Oxidation & Ketone Body
Metabolism Meeting - Biochemical Society - December 18th to 
21st (inclusive) 2000 - University of Sussex, Brighton, U.K.

I have decided to organize the 5th International Fatty Acid 
Oxidation & Ketogenesis Conference under the umbrella of the 
Biochemical Society this December and to dedicate the Meeting to 
the memory of the life and work of Dr Derek Williamson.
I am pleased to tell you that Simon Eaton, Victor Zammit, Rona 
Ramsay and Mike Titheradge have kindly agreed to be co-
organizers. I have enclosed below (unformatted) a copy of the draft 
programme for the 4 days for your information
but please look at the Society's websites for further details ........

The programme and more details about the main meeting are
available at:


and the Regulation in Metabolism and Molecular Enzymylogy
Group pages are at:


Because the Meeting is part of the Society's main Sussex Meeting 
we have only been able to invite a limited number of "established" 
speakers to give formal research lectures (40 min) during the 3 
days of the main colloquium, unlike at our previous meetings where 
we have encouraged everyone to present their research. For this 
reason we have decided also to hold a "Pre-doctoral Day" on 
Monday, December 18th. This is to allow us to invite
PhD students (10 min slots) and unestablished post-doctoral 
scientists (20 min slots) to present their research to the Meeting 
and for all of the other delegates to join in the discussions and to 
present posters. We hope to be able to offer a contribution to costs 
to all the Monday speakers (The sum will depend on the final level 
of sponsorship and the number of participants.) and to publish "in 
house" a paperback of short papers from all their talks and from 
delegates presenting relevant posters at the Colloquium. The 
speakers from the main 3-day Meeting will be asked to prepare and 
submit research manuscripts to be published separately in 
the Biochem. Soc. Trans. as is usual for the Society's colloquia. 
We hope that all the speakers and participants of the 3-day 
Colloquium will attend the Pre-doc day and consider it as an 
essential part of the same meeting.

We would like to ask you to:

1. propose by e-mail (as soon as possible to
Patti.A.Quant at btinternet.com)
names and give contact details of members of your research 
groups or other outside PhD students/Post-docs. who (you think) 
would be willing and able to speak on the Monday;

2. tell us as soon as possible if you would like accommodation 
(please give numbers) for the nights of Sunday 17th and/or Monday 
18th and/or the 19th and 20th;

3. let us know if you intend submitting a poster(s)/manuscript(s) for
the Pre-doc and/or the 3-day Meeting and 

4. suggest other potential delegates who are not on the e-mail list 
and who might be interested in attending the Pre-doc Day and/or 
the rest of the Colloquium.

Thank you for your interest, help and support. I shall look forward to
hearing from you.

Kindest regards and best wishes


Draft Programme

Monday, 18th December

"Predoctoral Meeting"

Suggested Chairpersons
(to introduce "pre-doc/post-doc speakers", lead discussions and/or 
their own short presentations of "hot topics" in sessions below)

Patti A Quant	Carina PripBuus	Norbert Latruffe	Pierre Clouet
Rolf Berge		Feike van der Lej	Grant Mitchell

We aim to include (and support) as many PhD students and 
postdoctoral scientists as possible during this part of the Meeting 
would like to invite all the leaders in the field to encourage their
research group members to speak in 10 or 20 min slots, depending 
on the
number that come forward, and/or present posters.

09.00 - 09.40
09.40 - 10.20
10.20 - 11.00

11.00 - 11.30		Coffee Break


12.30 - 14.00		Lunch Break

14.00 - 14.40
14.40 - 15.20
15.20 - 15.50
15.50 - 16.30


17.10 - 18.30		Tea Break &
				Judging Of posters &
				Short presentations
				(By Organizers: Patti Quant, Simon Eaton,
				Victor Zammit, Mike Titheradge & Rona Ramsay)

Tuesday, 19th December

Session 1			"Mitochondrial fatty acid metabolism I"

Chair			Rona Ramsay (UK)

09.05 - 09.15		Victor Zammit (UK)
				Welcome Address

09.15 - 09.55		J. Denis McGarry (USA)
				"Travels with CPT1- from liver to germ cell
with stops
				in between"

09.55 - 10.35		Simon Eaton (UK)
				"CPTI and control of myocardial
beta-oxidation flux"

10.35 - 11.15		Gary Lopaschuk (Canada)
				"Alterations in malonyl CoA control of
fatty acid
				oxidation in the ischemic heart"

11.20 - 11.50		Coffee Break

				Kiyoshi Nagai

13.00 - 14.10		Lunch Break

Session 2			"Mitochondrial lipid metabolism"

Chair			Patti A. Quant (UK)

14.15 - 14.55		Ron Wanders (Netherlands)
				"Functions and dysfunctions of fatty acid
				and beta-oxidation systems in man"

14.55 - 15.35		E. David Saggerson (UK)
				"Microsomal malonyl-CoA-sensitive carnitine

15.35 - 16.15		Mary Sugden (UK)
				"Fuel Sensing Mechanisms integrating Lipid and
 				Carbohydrate Utilisation"

16.15 - 16.55		Geoff Gibbons
				Marion Stubbs
				Eric Newsholme
				Rhys Evans
				" A Tribute to the Scientific Life and Work of
				Derek H.Williamson"

17.00			Discussion & Close of Session

Wednesday, 20th December

Session 3			"Mitochondrial fatty acid metabolism II"

Chair			Simon Eaton (UK)

09.10 - 09.50		Horst Schulz (USA)
				"Impact of the intramitochondrial enzyme
				on fatty acid oxidation"

09.50 - 10.30		Ian Graham (UK)
				"Molecular genetic approaches to dissect
fatty acid
				beta-oxidation in Arabidopsis thaliana"

10.30 - 11.10		Victor Zammit (UK)
				" Structure-function relationships of
liver- and
				muscle-type CPT I"
				Zammit, V.A., Price, N.T., Jackson, V.J.,
Fraser, F.

11.15 - 11.45		Coffee Break

11.50 - 12.50		MEDAL LECTURE

13.00 - 14.10		Lunch Break

Session 4 (Organized by Rona Ramsay of Molecular Enzymology 

"The enzymes and regulation of lipid metabolism in peroxisomes"

Chair			David Saggerson (UK)

14.15 - 14.55		Rona Ramsay (UK)
				"The role of the carnitine system in
peroxisomal fatty acid

14.55 - 15.35		Paul Van Veldhoven (Belgium)
				"Further insights in peroxisomal lipid
breakdown via
				alpha- and beta-oxidation"

15.35 - 16.15		Peter Clayton (UK)
				"The clinical consequences of defects in
				peroxisomal beta-oxidation enzymes."

16.15 - 16.55		Colin Palmer
				"Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptors:
				Fatty acid sensors in atherosclerosis and

17.00			Discussion & Close of Session

Thursday, 21st December

Session 5			"Regulation and control of lipid metabolism I"

Chair			Jean Girard (France)

09.10 - 09.50		Jean Girard (France)
09.10 - 09.20		Award Poster Prize - 10 min presentation of 
09.20 - 09.30		Award Pre-doc Talk Prize - 10 min presentation
09.30 - 09.40		Jean's Dedication to Derek Williamson

09.50 - 10.30		Pascal Ferré (France)
				"SREBP-1c, a transcription factor involved
in the
				regulation of hepatic glycolytic and
lipogenic enzyme
				gene expression by the nutritional environment"

10.30 - 11.55		Coffee Break & Poster Session

12.00 - 12.40		Grant Mitchell (Canada)

12.40 - 13.20		Patti A. Quant (UK)
				"Control of neonatal hepatic fatty acid
oxidation and
 				ketogenesis by CPT I in health and disease"

13.20 - 14.30		Lunch Break

Session 6			"Regulation and control of lipid metabolism II"

Chair			Grant Mitchell (Canada)

14.35 - 15.15		Fausto G. Hegardt (Spain)
				"Genetic regulation of ketogenesis"

15.15 - 15.55		Mike Munday (UK)
				"Regulation of acetyl-CoA carboxylase in
the control of
			fatty acid synthesis and fatty acid oxidation"

15.55 - 16.35		John Edmond (USA)
				(John Edmond, John Land & John Clark)
				"Fatty acid oxidation and ketogenesis by
brain: Rationales
				and mechanisms"

16.40			Discussion & Close of Colloquium

Dr Patti A. Quant
39 Main Street
Little Downham
Near Ely
Cambs CB6 2ST

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		(Please telephone to arrange receipt of fax.)

E-mail: 		Patti.A.Quant at btinternet.com


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