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Mammalian (human) metabolism research...

Steven B. Zung stevenz at acpub.duke.edu
Sun May 22 22:38:24 EST 1994

Abstract:  Novice (read layperson) biology student is curious as to what
	   is known today about mammalian metabolism; from a developmental
	   (inter-disciplinary) standpoint, what factors are known or
	   hypothesized to be involved in metabolism.  From an apply-side
	   standpoint, is there enough known yet to produce substances
	   (drugs) that can be used to alter/influence metabolic rates in
	   mammals (humans)?

	I was wondering if there was anyone out there who was doing research
or knew of research that applied to my question (above).  I was just fanning
myself in my room this evening, mentally commenting to myself how hot I was
feeling.  This seems to be a pretty typical pattern for me, and my father
had it too.  I have a very fast metabolism;  I burn calories nearly 150%
faster than the average human male in my age-group, and I always feel
warmer than everyone around me.  I have to intake at least 2800 - 3200
calories per day just to maintain my weight.  And I can never seem to eat
enough or reduce my activity level enough to gain any weight either.

	So I was wondering if human scientists knew yet of any one system
that or set of systems that were involved in controlling metabolic rate.
I'd sure like mine slowed down a bit, and I bet there is quite a market
out there for people who would like to speed theirs up.  Think about the
people who can eat and eat and never gain any weight, versus those who
need to watch every calorie in order to prevent obesity.

	In my limited knowledge on the subject, I would guess that diet and
exercise are certainly a factor (external environment), and that there is
a genetic component (or several components, of course).  Has anyone isolated
any mammalian mutations in metabolic rate function?  Is there a mountain of
research out there that I am unaware of on the subject?  Are there any
scientists that would be interested in discussing the subject out there?

	I would invite anyone interested or informed in the subject to write
me back personally *and* post in this newsgroup.  Thank you for your time,
and I thank you in advance for any input you may have!!!


		Steven Zung

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