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Bionet Checkgroups message

Dave Mack dmack at net.bio.net
Fri Jan 1 04:01:03 EST 1999

This article provides a script to ensure that your site carries
all of the "approved" bionet newsgroups. It should be used by the
local Usenet administrator to verify that all of the standard
bionet groups are in the "active" file or the equivalent thereof
on the local system. If you do not receive all of the bionet
groups or you are not sure whether or not you do, you should
ask your Usenet administrator to execute this checkgroups

NOTE: the moderated bionet newsgroups follow the convention that
articles can be delivered to the moderator by forming an address
consisting of the newsgroup name with the dots changed to dashes
@net.bio.net (i.e., bionet.software.sources articles go to
bionet-software-sources at net.bio.net.) If you run INN, you can
add "bionet.*:%s at net.bio.net" to /usr/lib/news/moderators to
achieve the same effect.

---------------------- For Usenet Administrators ---------------------

Recent versions of news support a "checkgroups" control message that
can be used to help keep your active file in sync with the "standard"
bionet groups.  What follows is a skeleton checkgroups control message
that you can customize and run locally to check your active file.

The following should be extracted and then passed directly to your
checkgroups script on standard input.   It can also be posted locally,
with a distribution set to keep it internal to your local
organization.  This is NOT the preferred method of operation, however,
as some distributions "leak" to a wider distribution of machines.

Also note that versions of C news prior to the performance release of
July 1992 do NOT handle checkgroups input properly and you should not
attempt to use the checkgroups feature.  If you are running C news,
you are strongly encouraged to get and install a recent version so as
to take advantage of the checkgroups fix as well as many other
performance enhancements.

---------------------------- cut here ----------------------------------
Newsgroups: control
Distribution: local
From: news
Subject: cmsg checkgroups
Control: checkgroups

bionet.agroforestry	Agroforestry research.
bionet.announce		Announcements of widespread interest to biologists. (Moderated)
bionet.audiology	Research on audiology and hearing science (Moderated)
bionet.biology.cardiovascular	Research discussions between scientists engaged in cardiovascular research
bionet.biology.computational	Computer and mathematical applications. (Moderated)
bionet.biology.deepsea	Research in deep-sea marine biology, oceanography, and geology (Moderated)
bionet.biology.grasses	Research into the biology of grasses.
bionet.biology.n2-fixation	Biological nitrogen fixation research.
bionet.biology.symbiosis	Research in symbiosis (Moderated)
bionet.biology.tropical	Research in tropical biology.
bionet.biology.vectors	Research and control of arthropods which transmit disease. (Moderated)
bionet.biophysics	The science and profession of biophysics.
bionet.celegans	Research discussions on Caenorhabditis elegans and related nematodes  (Moderated)
bionet.cellbiol		Cell biology research.
bionet.cellbiol.cytonet	Cytology research.
bionet.cellbiol.insulin	Biology and chemistry of insulin and related receptors (Moderated)
bionet.chlamydomonas	Research on Chlamydomonas and other green algae (Moderated)
bionet.diagnostics	Problems and techniques in all fields of diagnostics (Moderated)
bionet.diagnostics.prenatal	Research in prenatal diagnostics
bionet.drosophila	Research into the biology of fruit flies.
bionet.ecology.physiology	Research and education in physiological ecology (Moderated)
bionet.emf-bio	Interactions of EM fields with biological systems. (Moderated)
bionet.general		General BIOSCI discussion.
bionet.genome.arabidopsis	Information about the Arabidopsis project (Moderated)
bionet.genome.autosequencing	Research and support on automated DNA sequencing (Moderated)
bionet.genome.chromosomes	Mapping/sequencing of eucaryote chromosomes.
bionet.genome.gene-structure	Genome and chromatin structure and function (Moderated)
bionet.glycosci	Research issues re carbohydrate and glycoconjugate molecules.
bionet.immunology	Research in immunology.
bionet.info-theory	Biological information theory.
bionet.jobs.offered	Job openings in the biological sciences. (Moderated)
bionet.jobs.wanted	Requests for employment in the biological sciences.
bionet.journals.contents	Contents of biology journal publications. (Moderated)
bionet.journals.letters.biotechniques	Discussion of articles from the journal Biotechniques. (Moderated)
bionet.journals.letters.tibs	Letters to the Editor of Trends in Biochemical Science (Moderated)
bionet.journals.note	Advice on dealing with journals in biology.
bionet.maize	Research on maize (Moderated)
bionet.metabolic-reg	Kinetics and thermodynamics at the cellular level.
bionet.microbiology	The science and profession of microbiology.
bionet.microbiology.biofilms	Research on microbial biofilms (Moderated)
bionet.molbio.ageing	Research into cellular and organismal ageing.
bionet.molbio.bio-matrix	Computer applications to biological databases.
bionet.molbio.embldatabank	Info about the EMBL Nucleic acid database.
bionet.molbio.evolution	Discussions about research in molecular evolution (Moderated)
bionet.molbio.gdb	Messages to and from the GDB database staff.
bionet.molbio.genbank	Info about the GenBank Nucleic acid database.
bionet.molbio.genbank.updates	Daily GenBank update summaries. (Moderated)
bionet.molbio.gene-linkage	Research into genetic linkage analysis.
bionet.molbio.genome-program	Discussions regarding the international Human Genome Project (Moderated)
bionet.molbio.hiv	Research into the molecular biology of HIV.
bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts	Requests for information and lab reagents.
bionet.molbio.molluscs	Research on mollusc DNA. (Moderated)
bionet.molbio.proteins	Research on proteins and protein databases.
bionet.molbio.proteins.7tms_r	Research on G-protein coupled receptor systems (Moderated)
bionet.molbio.proteins.fluorescent	Research on fluorescent proteins and bioluminescence
bionet.molbio.rapd	Research on Randomly Amplified Polymorphic DNA.
bionet.molbio.recombination	Research on the recombination of DNA or RNA (Moderated)
bionet.molbio.yeast	Molecular Biology and Genetics of Yeast (Moderated)
bionet.molec-model	Physical and chemical aspects of molecular modelling.
bionet.molecules.free-radicals	Research on free radicals in biology and medicine. (Moderated)
bionet.molecules.p450	Research on cytochrome P450
bionet.molecules.peptides	Research involving peptides (Moderated)
bionet.molecules.repertoires	Generation and use of libraries of molecules. (Moderated)
bionet.mycology	Research on mycology (Moderated)
bionet.neuroscience	Research issues in the neurosciences.
bionet.neuroscience.amyloid	Research on Alzheimer's disease and related disorders (Moderated)
bionet.organisms.pseudomonas	Research on the genus Pseudomonas.
bionet.organisms.schistosoma	Discussions about Schistosoma research (Moderated)
bionet.organisms.urodeles	Research on urodele amphibians. (Moderated)
bionet.organisms.zebrafish	Discussion group for Zebrafish (Daniorerio) researchers (Moderated)
bionet.parasitology	Research into parasitology.
bionet.photosynthesis	Research into photosynthesis. (Moderated)
bionet.plants		Research into plant biology.
bionet.plants.education	Education issues in plant biology
bionet.plants.signaltransduc	Research on plant signal transduction (Moderated)
bionet.population-bio	Population biology research.
bionet.prof-society.afcr	American Federation for Clinical Research announcements (Moderated)
bionet.prof-society.aibs	American Institute of Biological Sciences announcements. (Moderated)
bionet.prof-society.biophysics	Biophysical Society announcements. (Moderated)
bionet.prof-society.cfbs	Newsgroup for the Canadian Federation of Biological Societies (Moderated)
bionet.prof-society.csm	Canadian Society of Microbiologists announcements. (Moderated)
bionet.prof-society.navbo	Forum for the North American Vascular Biology Organization. (Moderated)
bionet.protista	Discussion on protists (protozoa, algae, zoosporic fungi) (Moderated)
bionet.sci-resources	Information about funding agencies, etc. (Moderated)
bionet.software		Information about software for biology.
bionet.software.acedb	Discussions by users of genome DBs using ACEDB.
bionet.software.gcg	Discussions about using the GCG software.
bionet.software.sources Software Source relating to biology. (Moderated)
bionet.software.srs	Discussions about Sequence Retrieval System (SRS) software
bionet.software.staden	The Staden molecular sequence analysis software.
bionet.software.www	WWW resources for biologists. (Moderated)
bionet.software.x-plor	X-PLOR software for 3D macromolecular structure determination
bionet.structural-nmr	Structural NMR of Macromolecules (Moderated)
bionet.toxicology	Research in toxicology
bionet.users.addresses	Who's who in Biology.
bionet.virology	Research into virology. (Moderated)
bionet.women-in-bio	Discussion of issues related to women in biology (Moderated)
bionet.xtallography	Research into protein crystallography.
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