Phylogenomics course

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Location:               National University of Ireland Maynooth.
Dates:                  April 12-16th 2004 inclusive.
Registration deadline:  March 15th, 2004.
Website:                http://bioinf.may.ie/Phylogenomics/


Phylogenomics and phyloinformatics are two terms that relate to the
processing of large amounts of genomic data  with a view towards producing
organismal phylogenies based upon those  data. The two main methods of
analysis include supermatrix and supertree  analysis. We have no particular
preference for either approach and will present both kinds of solution along
with cautionary tales about each.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed to be of the most benefit to those researchers that
have a small amount of familiarity with phylogenetic analysis and intend on
setting up and using a system for performing phylogenetic analysis on the
genome level.

Why would I do these analyses?

To explore organismal phylogenies, gene duplication and gene loss,
horizontal gene transfer events, etc.

Students are encouraged to bring their own data.

Website: http://bioinf.may.ie/Phylogenomics/


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