question using SRS's web interface

Guy Bottu gbottu at black.vub.ac.be
Thu Jan 23 06:38:12 EST 2003

	Dear Andrew,

Probably either the databank was not up-to-date or the indexes were not
up-to-date (and hence pointing to wrong entries). I know by experience
that keeping a server with HUGE databanks up-to-date is hard...

I tried, at Indiana it still does not work, at Pasteur and also at our
site (http://www.be.embnet.org/srs) you get what you want. 

GENBANK:AE015854   (similar to)
GENBANK:HSBA18I14   (similar to)
GENPEPT:AE015854_2   (similar to)

Note : if you click on "Standard" or "Extended" you can search
specifically for X61499 in the "Accession Number" field.

	Guy Bottu

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