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News pmergen at ulb.ac.be
Tue Sep 10 07:29:16 EST 2002

To do these kind of manipulations the tool "Virtual Library" is the best 
to use. You put bank 1 and two in a virtual library and they appear as 
one with all their field. But to enable querries with a correct result 
they must have the same format and common field entries. It should work 
with ID or AC. EMBL is using that system to update their bank if you 
want to see an example

best regards

Pat and Johan

Eric Deveaud wrote:

>     Hi,
> I'm looking for a way to display the results of a same query on 2 banks.
> I'm currently working with 2 banks:
> bank1 a swisprot subset
> bank2 some personals annotation for the protein seuences of bank1
> the bank2 format is derived from the swisprot one as shown here.
> ID   xxxx
> AC   yyyy
> MO   some_data
> //
> when I query the bank1, I wish to display the content of the complete
> entrie of bank1 plus the MO line from bank2 corresponding to the
> same ID or AC.
> could someone did this, or could point me to some tip ??
>     Thank's
>     Eric

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