ifile(s) argument ?

K. Cuelenaere koenc at caos.kun.nl
Tue Mar 2 05:26:04 EST 1999


 a grep for ifiles in our .i files resulted in these kinds of ifiles

ifiles:{"db.i" "db.is"}
ifiles:{"db.i" "db.is" "db.it"}

so it seems the second file should be the syntax (is) file, and the
third the it (text). So perhaps the problem is that you don't specify
the .is file? (make sure to do a srssection after changing the .i files)

Hope it helps,

Guy Bottu wrote:
>         Dear fellow SRS managers,
> I have a problem. I have a databank named GENBANK_NR (I decided to
> change the name to make it more obvious that it is a nonredundant set)
> but the file with the description is genbank.i
> Now, the SRS manual says that if the i.file has a name different from
> the databank, you should add to the library object an argument of the
> type :     ifile:"genbank.i" itfile:"genbank.it"
> With the files of the SRS 5.1 distribution I find examples of the type
>     ifiles:{"genbank.i" "genbank.it"}
> I tried both the ifile and the ifiles syntax, but none worked.
> Anyone an idea ?
>         Thanks is advance,
>           Dr. Guy Bottu

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