New sequence version numbers

Tim Cutts timc at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Mon Mar 1 12:11:04 EST 1999

In article <subd82twb83.fsf at unst.sanger.ac.uk>,
Peter Rice  <pmr at sanger.ac.uk> wrote:
>Tricky. I have what I think is a fix, but I have had problems
>with SRS recently (see my reply to the "srsbuild -t" bugfix in
>this newsgroup).
>The new version numbers appear in the feature table locations.
>To get them to parse, it appears the following change is needed in

Er, what?  I assume you are talking about GCG formatted versions... in
the flat file there is a new SV field.  Adding that to the parser is

Or do you also mean that the following change is *also* required?

><                   (/([A-Z]+[0-9]+)[ \n.0-9]*:/ 
>>                   (/([A-Z]+[0-9]+)[ \n]*:/ 

>This allows, and discards, ".1" after an accession number. There is
>little point in keeping the version number as you can only get to the
>latest version of the entry anyway. Luckily the parser was skipping


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