ifile(s) argument ?

Guy Bottu gbottu at bigben.vub.ac.be
Mon Mar 1 10:33:25 EST 1999

	Dear fellow SRS managers,

I have a problem. I have a databank named GENBANK_NR (I decided to
change the name to make it more obvious that it is a nonredundant set)
but the file with the description is genbank.i
Now, the SRS manual says that if the i.file has a name different from
the databank, you should add to the library object an argument of the
type :     ifile:"genbank.i" itfile:"genbank.it"
With the files of the SRS 5.1 distribution I find examples of the type
    ifiles:{"genbank.i" "genbank.it"}
I tried both the ifile and the ifiles syntax, but none worked.
Anyone an idea ?

	Thanks is advance,
	  Dr. Guy Bottu

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